I uploaded the .brd file directly to OSHPark. What you really need is a EVSE that varies it's output as the input power varies. Find a Store Near Me. Make reservations, payments, and view monthly statements. Compare Stations. EVgo aims to make driving your EV as cost effective as possible. Tesla provides the J1772 adapter with all their cars. Posted on January 8, 2021. BESENERGY EV Charger Extension Cable 32Amp 220V-240V Charging Cord for Electric Vehicle 20ft 6m Compatible All SAE J1772 Chargers¡­ 4.7 out of 5 stars 33. It's clearly there to encourage EV owners to shop at the mall but it's ALWAYS taken up by a mall employee as the same Nissan Leaf is plugged in every day, all day, at the spot. IIRC, the adapter mentioned in the original post is limited to 40amps. There are four different types of electric car plugs: J1172, CCS, Tesla, and CHAdeMO . Request a Quote. Your charger would have to be at least 7200 watts to trip a 30amp breaker. Charge at outdoor charging stations, Skip to main content. Tesla's (ie Mr Musk's) stated reason for existing is to bring about susyainable transport. Why does your per-minute rate vary by region or state? Every electric vehicle on the road today is compatible with the U.S. standard Level 2 chargers, known in the industry as SAE J1772. It needs some explanation: The maximum amperage is 30A (or is it 40A?) 4.3 HRS. I paid extra for two chargers in my Model S but have never, ever, used it. Actually, we started it. Today’s renters are making concerted efforts to embrace a green lifestyle. At Tech: How to Pick a Level 2 Charger (Video) At Tech recently produced a video about whether or not you need a Level 2 charging station and what to consider if you do. i3 has onboard charger. I guess my thought is right now it's probably not that much of an issue. The . BMW i8. Volvo XC90 T8. So I guess it's okay if you use it to tie up a public access J1772 charger for hours while you recharge your 100 kWh Model S but absolutely unacceptable that a Leaf might use a Tesla adapter to charge at a Destination Charger, whose use is completely at the discretion of the host. It would not be the EVSE varying its output, it would be the charger varying its load. Our usual rates are: 25c/minute + 25c/kWh. There is a municipal J1772 charger near me that is at a successful shopping area. Where are your charging stations? A forum community dedicated to DIY electric car owners and enthusiasts. 4 HRS. All of these chargers have an SAE J1772 connector and are available for online purchase in Canada and the USA. J1772™ Plug. Tesla Model 3 . That includes Tesla vehicles, which come with … I just saw the first few Model 3 Teslas on the road this week. I'm not "give SAE $1800 and go fish" curious, just in a practical sense. Tesla often installs a J1772 EVSE in addtion to the Tesla EVSE, so no problem with the adapter disrupting the destination charging program. Map nearby Superchargers for the Tesla Model S, Quick Charge (CHAdeMO) for the Nissan LEAF, and map nearby charging stations for the Chevy Volt, BMW i3, and all other electric vehicles. The dozen times I did that made it worth every penny. Tell Me More. 2.1 … EV drivers reality. 3.15 HRS. ".....The Volt and Bolt haven't been viable long distance competitors - that will change in the next few years " Has anyone seen or even heard of a plan for a bank of DC fast chargers being installed at rest areas or at plazas near the highway? HOURS TO FULLY CHARGE (240V 10A) (240V 10A) EV Home Charging station (up to 10x Faster) TO FULLY CHARGE up to 30 Amp 240 volts 3 Phase. Made by Leviton, this is heavy duty and the real thing. That implies to me that even if they do that - an HPWC and a J1772 - that means at least ONE spot is reserved for Tesla owners. Discussion Starter • #5 • Dec 22, 2010. Blink Charging Announces Pricing of its Public Offering of Common Stock for Gross Proceeds of $221.4 million. Nissan LEAF. Knowing which one fits your EV and how fast it can charge is crticial to know. Charge all new electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles including Tesla. 3.1 HRS. Energy efficiency helps you save money. I'm aware that Tesla offers a J1772 along with their HPWCs, but they don't offer just J1772s. Find a place to plug in your electric car (EV) with PlugShare's database of over 300,000 charging stations! Let us Know Company News. Barcelona 41 Hotels Illes Balears 4 Hotels Berlin 18 Hotels Madrid 52 Hotels Oslo 2 Hotels. Thanks much for additional input Kevin and steveob - fyi Kevin I've tried contacting OpenEVSE a few times but they haven't responded if they can help yet - maybe they're busy. I didn't get the dual chargers and don't regret it. Security doesn't appear to care so long as it is some kind of EV, even if they're not charging. SAE J1772.BRD and SAE J1772.SCH: These are the Board and Schematic files from AutoDesk Eagle, that I created from the original design schematic below. 8 HRS. For the most part, the minimum J1772 current capability seems to be 30 amps, and we don't have any cars that charge past 24 amps anyway. Step 2: Pay . In fact, if there's a destination location I'd rather see them have two 40-amp chargers than one 80-amp. And at 80 amps we're … I see no movement by any competing companies to even begin a Destination Charging program at all, so in that regard I think Tesla has the advantage, possibly forever. did anything ever become of the digital (specifically 5% using pilot for comm) side of it? I was troubleshooting for several minutes before it dawned on me that the darned loaner only had a single charger... Actually, I think a 40-amp charger is more than adequate for the vast majority of home charging (even destination charging, for that matter). EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) <> "Charger.". Tesla has the charger in the vehicle. This adapter allows you to charge your Tesla vehicle with standard EV chargers widely available across the country. And so there really isn't much need to current limit to accommodate the EVSE at all. Document Revision: 1.0 Last Updated: 8/31/2018 Ewert Energy Systems, Inc 161 E. St Charles Rd. Years after the adapter was introduced, destination charging program alive and well. Most of the J1772 we think will be done at the maximum of 80 amps. J1772 ports aren't chargers, they're just glorified general purpose outlets (power points). $179.00 #37. Does anyone know if the new Model 3 has free supercharger privileges? So steveob you're saying the minimum charge your Leaf will recognize/receive is 12A? Skip to main content. Track your energy use, gas savings, and greenhouse gas emissions avoided. The $7K I spent for those two items would buy a lot of cheddar! 3.6 HRS. I'm not aware of a production EV in the US that does not. And our chargers automatically give you the fastest charge your car can handle. As for the Tesla-to-J1772 adapter threatening the Destination Charging program, you're also right that the adapter won't mean much until there are cars that can use it. J1772 ports aren't chargers, they're just glorified general purpose outlets (power points). Portable EV charger. You’d think after creating the world’s largest and most open EV charging network we’d be satisfied, but you’d be wrong. Mitsubishi Outlander. If it could harm it (of course definitely cant risk damaging onboard batt bank nor onboard charger) do you know if adding auxiliary batts between the panels and 1500w inverter could alleviate that so the aux batts are charged first? my leaf draws 12 amps, using a 240v modified portable evse, 12 amps isn't in the typical j1772 buckets. It's a corporate attitude problem (for the others), not a feasibility problem. The Mercedes 250B appears to have a 16AMP charging capability but it is recommended that you check the owner's manual for it's exact charging specifications. You can see pricing for your session on the charger screen—or in our app—before you begin your charging session. With 40 amps of maximum current and 250V of maximum voltage, charge your vehicle in just a few hours. For home charger (or slow public charger), there are two kinds. Only the S and X qualify for the referral which is required for free unlimited superchargers. There have also been a couple of times (in 4+ years) where the faster charge at home was helpful. Next, navigate to the “J1772 Charger Control” settings on this sub-tab to bring up the J1772 related settings. 22 HRS. When you charge using our network you are paying for (a) the use of the machine and (b) the electricity supplied. Make your own Electric Vehicle Charge Station. DC fast chargers offer more power to give you a healthy range in a short amount of time. Even if that's how some chargers interpret the standard, it's not obvious that every car charger would do so. Access hundreds of thousands of places to charge with one account. ENERGY STAR Certified. I like the fact that Tesla makes that standard, however, as I think they need to differentiate the Model S from the Model 3 as much as they can. 2.4 HRS. Electrify America stations offer CCS, CHADeMO and J1772™ connectors, so almost every EV model on the road can charge with us. The host has the option to get a destination charger with a Tesla only receptacle or a Tesla + J1772. Talking with them when I can about it. bp - I think you're correct, the 72-amp charging option isn't as necessary as many think. Dual chargers was a waste for me as was the 90kW battery pack - that cost an extra $5,000 and gave a pittance of a few extra miles. Favorite stations in a certain location or quickly view recent charging stations. (*I'd prefer not tho to keep cost as low as possible) There's gotta be a way to do this just trying to figure it out Thanks! Tesla uses Tesla connector, all other brands uses J1772 connector (standard). I would begin your search by asking the question on the OpenEVSE forum (. Brochure. Explore charging options for your Tesla. 1.8 HRS. I had a loaner last week and plugged it into our HPWC at home and it was charging at only 40A! *some* EVs with a Type 1 socket can charge on the 'Any EV' destination chargers with the use of an adaptor (eg evbitz.uk/EVBitz.uk/T2_T1_Cables.html ADP6) but this is by no means a certainty (apparently) due to the way the destination charger is configured during installation. So, on that basis, Tesla shouldn't care what sort of EV uses their destination chargers. Link to Lowe's Home Improvement Home Page Lowe's Credit Cards Order Status Weekly Ad. Series 5: Electric Car Charging Stations for Apartments and Condos . They usually have to be installed by an electrician. The aforementioned adapter takes that option away. • Adds up to 300 Miles range per hour of charge • Much more costly than L1/L2 • Several competing standards (CHAdeMO, J1772, Tesla) • Requires 3 Phase AC infrastructure • Great in location between cities, near the highway and where recharge speed is important Beswelgo Level 2 Portable EV Charger (240 Volt, 25ft Cable, 16 Amp), Electric Vehicle Charger Plug … These are clearly stated on our Start Charge page. JavaScript is disabled. Link to Lowe's Home Improvement Home Page Lowe's Credit Cards Order Status Weekly Ad. You can learn more about level 2 charging stations in this guide. did anything ever become of the digital (specifically 5% using pilot for comm) side of it? So do either of you know if I can harm my onboard bank if I hook up my J1772 120v linked above to my Prius hooked up to solar (actually looks like I'm going to go with 475w now) via that 1500w inverter if the power drops below 6A? Hello I searched and this thread sounds closest to my question so hopefully somebody with the knowledge can help me (Thanks In Advance! At high-speed chargers, Porsche claims that the Taycan can add 60 miles in 4 minutes and 80% range in 15 minutes (most chargers offer 80% range in double the time). Monitor your charging sessions and set up charging status notifications. Choose your charge & stay in one of our 5858 hotels Which will be your next destination? http://www.evalbum.com/preview.php?vid=5250, https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/Discussion-c24260_ds744077, https://genasun.com/all-products/solar-charge-controllers/for-lead/gvb-8a-pb-solar-boost-controller/, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. The ChargeHub charging stations map allows you to find all the available electric vehicle (EV) public charging stations near you when you need to charge your electric car. Shop the official Tesla store and find charging accessories made to work perfectly with your Model S, Model X and Model 3. All the hotels with charging station for your trips. ElectriCar said: Just talked to one of my suppliers about this plug. Shop Lectron Adapter Tesla to J1772 Electric Vehicle Charger 40A 250V 1 at Lowe's.com. I think the absolute ‘max’ I can configure (for the surface area I have for ‘mobile’) is ~600w, Thanks Kevin I think I was editing my post above about the same time you replied the same had to occurred to me, I suspect you are about to find out that small/mobile solar systems do not charge EV's very well and that's why none of us have them. 30 Amp 240 volts 3 Phase. Shop Lectron Adapter J1772 to Tesla Car Charger Model 3/S/Y/X Vehicle 1 at Lowe's.com. We are the only nationwide network of DC fast chargers. But I see the use of J1772 connectors for their cars, or motorcycles. Drivers We make it easy to charge here, there and everywhere. 2.5 HRS. Spent many painful hours charging at Natick mall; without dual chargers I never would have done it. The only negotiation that happens is the J1772 says how much power it has available, and you're not supposed to take more than that. 14 HRS. * You can connect Tesla car to standard charger using an adapter Tesla provides for free ($95 for replacement/spare). If you charge less frequently, our Pay As You Go plan may be more cost effective as your charging minutes included with Membership do not roll over from month to month. The only negotiation that happens is the J1772 says how much power it has available, and you're not supposed to take more than that. I've seen videos of a Tesla-to-J1772 adapter that allows a non-Tesla vehicles to use a Tesla HPWC for charging; one of our EV club members has one. Up to 4x faster charging with the level 2 charger. Finally, e n s u r e th a t th e “E n a b l e J 1 7 7 2 I n te r fa c e ” o p ti o n i s CHE CKE D (enabled). The Taycan stands out for its advanced fast charging capabilities. CHARGER.XLSX: This is the spreadsheet that I used to work out the resistances needed for the design. But I think in general Tesla wants to accelerate EV transition and so if it becomes a problem I'd expect them to adjust as they have with the supercharger network. Carol Stream, IL 60188 Phone: (630) 868-3173 . I could use those other 3-4 amps amps though, but haven't bothered. So you are charging with your own charger. So you are charging with your own charger. SAE J1772 (IEC 62196 Type 1), also known as a J plug, is a North American standard for electrical connectors for electric vehicles maintained by the SAE International and has the formal title "SAE Surface Vehicle Recommended Practice J1772, SAE Electric Vehicle Conductive Charge Coupler". For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Aren't we special! See attached photo my Prius plugin has slow 8A option yours doesn't? Come join the discussion about electric vehicle conversions, builds, performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! This connector with 25 foot of 40A cable is not to be confused with the little units from China. Will it do anything? * You can connect non-Tesla car to Tesla charger using 3rd party adapter ($180-$220). That might change as EVs proliferate. Not sure how an i3 or other EV without an onboard charger could take advantage of an HPWC. Excellent observation, KP, but that brings up another question. BMW i3. This is one thing(of many) I do not know much about, but Ive been seeing it more and more with really good DIY projects. 5.5 HRS. Find a Store Near Me. He said someone installed one near their office. See How It Works. One of the advantages of a lot of the HPWC installations is the ability for Teslas to charge at 72amps or more. We’re leading the charge. Fast free shipping on most purchases. I use an AVC2 device (google it and it will come up) on my bike. 3 HRS. The AxFAST 16Amp Level 2 Portable Electric Vehicle Charger will charge a Tesla but will require a J1772 adapter, available from Tesla since Tesla vehicles use a proprietary charging connection. It was a waste. Electric Car Chargers, leading EV charge point installers for businesses, councils, car park owners and hotels, offering a range of grants and funding solutions Maybe get other EV manufacturers involved in the destination charger program? at 240V from level 2 EVSEs. Some stations on our network that are not owned by ChargeNet may have differing rates. Audi Etron. Dual chargers were invaluable for me. So, tell us, where do you want to charge? 2nd floor has a power fault and has for about 3 weeks now. 1,015 Posts . What can CHARGE HOTELS offer to you? Here in the UK, they appear to be always installed in pairs, one being Tesla only and the other being 'for any EV', any that is with a Type 2 socket. So do either of you know if I can harm my onboard bank if I hook up my J1772 120v linked above to my Prius hooked up to solar, There's gotta be a way to do this just trying to figure it out. This UL Rated, J1772 Level 2 Charge Connector will accommodate up to 40A, 208V - 240V AC systems, and has the ability to connect with any J1772TM compliant Electric Vehicle. Also, it costs $4-500 - very pricey for a 40amp charge. Quickly find places to charge where you eat, work, and play. Not charging at the moment, but in regards to J1772 chargers: Typically the 4th floor is heavily ICEd by residences who don't care. My husband lobbied the Sheraton he stays at for business to get a destination charger, and the combo one is the one they went with.