I see that a similar question has already been answered higher, however, I think I have a slightly different perspective here. I have heard quite different opinions about both pieces of equipment but had a chance to test only WXA-50 at an audio shop, so cannot judge by myself which one of them is better. Ill go with your config and will leave a review of the quality and sound (in layman terms sadly). This receiver is very well-designed. I have to apologise for not having all of the Android info to hand because I tested the machine via iPhone. Great Review. Overview – Perfect for music enthusiasts looking for a simple yet feature-rich stereo receiver, the Yamaha R-N303 offers a nice array of wired and wireless connectivity options, along with great hi-res … In this Yamaha R-N602 review, … Have you screwed it in all the way and then pointed the antenna upwards (too much force can damage it, by the way)? What do you think about R-N602 and RP5000F combo? I saw that they have 8Ω, the others have 6Ω. Rega Fono phono amplifier (€135) which performs better than a built in model. So can we assume (wild guess) 602 would deliver the rated power tirelessly apart from component quality. Thanks, I am so used to the bass in a sub/satellite combination that I miss that low sound on some music. (I use Klipsch RB-51 speakers.) Run a pair of interconnect cables from those sockets into RCA inputs on the amplifier and you’re sorted. Nice review! Connected to my network instantly, and got the latest firmware installed in a few minutes. I’m guessing they’re primarily designed for portable devices as they’re 3.5mm so I’m having to plug them into a 1/4″ adaptor – possibly the issue? A much loved thing or one you could change? Works great. Is a one box solution important? Yamaha reviews & products With more than 40 years’ independent reviewing experience you can trust our recommendations and buy with confidence. The speakers are B&W DM 602 S2. Can I hook up both pairs and play them at the same time thereby giving me a broader sound stage? Digital seems to be your main format so I would settle there and then save more cash for a vinyl source. Thank you very much! Hi paul, a question from me. So, my main priority is sound quality alongside the streaming use. I would rather that you get the best digital-based system for yourself first and live with the Pro-Ject for now, if vinyl is secondary. Would RN602’s phono be a good fit? Thank you for submitting your review… speakers – polk audio signature s20 – this will be retained I am presently using a Fiio X1 for playing music and it has got line out facility. Hey thanks Paul. It provides all of the traditional features you would expect and also introduces cutting-edge technology that we require for today’s digital sources. Or should I need the additional power of R-N602 for them? What about Dali Zensor 3? Conerning the option amp + external bluetooth adapter, I guess your advice is against it? my source are both cd and vinyl but as I have a lot of music in flac and mp 3s plus the network amenities the yamaha’s have I was wondering if this change / upgrade of my onkyo still worth it. My listening is rather equal from cd, vinyl and digital files so I’m going to consider your thoughts. Hi Paul – thanks for your comments and question. You’re not very complimentary about the 602 for digital music. But I switched to Line 1 to listen to the TV, switched back to bluetooth and now NOTHING will connect. I have the RN500, which is quite similar. I’d recommend a demo, if possible because each speaker type will offer minor sound bias types which may tickle your ears (or not). Hi Paul, You also don’t turn on a 115W R-N602 via the on/off button, you send it a letter of introduction and then wait for permission. Hi Paul, An ECO mode reduces power by 20%, you have access to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi plus a Pure Direct button to bypass the majority of the amp’s electronics to enhance sound quality. You might want to think out of the box a little, if you have that sort of cash. My sorces:FMTuner, TV, network (Spotify, internet Radio), USB. We test every product as a team in our bespoke listening … Do you think I would get a big improvement in audio quality if I change it for a Marantz PM7000N? I have Dali Zensor 7 floor standing speakers and listen far most of the time to (internet)radio and (hi-res) Spotify songs. But if it’s significant I would choose one of the Yamaha units. e. music i listened to – light jazz (diana krall, michael buble), mellow rock (chicago, bread), classic rock (queen, beatles, rolling stones), pop rock 90s I’m considering upgrading the amplifier to either the Yamaha R-N602 or the WXA-50, so that I can get rid of the Airport Express and use an optical connection for sound on my TV. Therefore, a system that can handle a better turntable/speakers in the future would be ideal. Music source – tidal (mqa), deezer hifi, dsd/dsf. Still nothing change from my side regarding this aquisition :(. Hope you won’t get tired of my questions until I have make the big leap. You suggest more like an av receiver over a dedicated 2 ch? To my knowledge we currently do not plan to include X-Over adjustments outside of the app. Q Acoustics 3020 They are at half price as Dynavoice , Hi Paul, Do you connect other sources to the Yamaha through the digital ports? The Yamaha struggled little with digital sources, I found. Thanks for the prompt reply, Paul. Does not link directly to Amazon streaming but you can easily stream it from your phone or pc to the receiver. If digital listening is less important or equally divided amongst the other sources then I would look to improve your turntable and then your CD player and then your digital server source. The 3066 has a Pre Out socket but that’s aimed at a subwoofer. https://www.avstore.ro/filters/boxe/tip___boxe-de-podea__boxe-de-raft—p2/?sort=price_asc&price=299_2099, Or something from Indiana Line I’m looking for a receiver for my Bose 301 Series ii and HSU VTF-2 subwoofer… likely be using AirPlay. I purchased this receiver to replace a Sony STR-DN840 that had a slight humming noice since new. Have you tried simple things like disconnecting and reconnecting, switching off – waiting – then on again? Yep – I think they should match well Chris. Music comes first, tv last. I have one question tho: will the subwoofer get a LFE signal while the pure direct mode engaged? In the Jamo the woofers probably my handle all the mid and low frequencies hence the bass isn’t thumping? Thanks in advance for your help. Yamaha R-N602 (Home Audio Product): 4 out of 5 stars on Australia's largest opinion site ProductReview.com.au. I’d like to have a simple set up with an amp, CD player and speakers. I have a dilemma; i was at the point of getting the Quad Artera Solus as a networked update for my 20 year old 34/306 but then have seen the Yamaha R-N803 which for a quarter of the price does everything including wi-fi (but not CD). The issue could be with that. I read that the combination with Klipsch it’s not one of the best. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! In fact, the hefty and expansive Yamaha glories in its retro clunkiness. If/when you need upgrades in the future, give me a shout. https://theaudiophileman.com/q-acoustics-3020-bookshelf-speakers-first-q/ Also, what would would be the best choice when using the R-N602/WXA-50: Playing via Bluetooth, Airplay or Musiccast? I am going to consider them all in my research. . Not tried USB or Network or CD player or Turntable. Nice review you wrote! There’s a host of possible reasons for this – did you try other digital sources, incidentally? Is vinyl the priority? I wouldn’t spend money on the Yamaha, I would look first at your source. Thanks for the very quick response!! I don’t want to replace my current system so wondering if I could use the Yamaha N602 solely as a digital receiver and not as an amp. Many thanks in advance! I will also try a Bluesound Powernode 2i this weekend, the local hi-fi shop said I could borrow a unit they use for demo for free. The target audience, many of which will be maturing beginners with hi-fi experience that relates to their parents old system, may even see the inclusion of such controls as a comforting familiarity. I want to prioritize vinyl for the most part. When you can, grab an external phono amplifier. Hi Mark – if you’re looking for Internet services and streaming at a low price then the sort of products offered by Yamaha, Marantz and Denon are ideal. Firstly, you need to eliminate either or both. November 2, 2016; New products; Yamaha has added yet another powerhouse to its increasingly impressive and ever growing MusicCast line up.The RN402D stereo network receiver is pure hi-fi, but with a touch of the modern. Where can I purchase it in silver. I wonder whether this really is the case – what is your opinion? Double check with your dealer but I would say no. I wil listen Q Acoustics 3020i and 2010 and also 3050. However, it's fairly safe to say that Yamaha R-N303BL is a more popular home theater receiver, based on its 500+ reviews… Hello Paul, really helpful review on the R-N602. But unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to the Yamaha, sorry this was not the answer your reader was looking for.”. Hi, Paul! I just got this stereo receiver. Then buy the most expensive QED cables your can afford from Amazon too. For example, you can buy a separate streamer to plug into a 2-channel amp. And of the two speakers listed? Otherwise, internet radio via Wifi. Also for better sound integration a Jamo sub woofer will do better than another brand say Yamaha ? and what can you connect to them to get a signal. I didn’t connect my iPhone via a mobile hotspot but directly via Wi-Fi and, I think (the review was a while back now, memories fade) the app. Get FREE 2-day shipping and free lifetime tech support with your order. Still sometimes there is clipping at a volume gain of -5db or 0db. As for your future purchases. Do you also use it with your TV or is it exclusively for stereo? Thank you a lot for the help! The Onkyo is a good product. Some might question the inclusion of such controls and I would agree that the treble/bass/balance/loudness quartet are worse than useless. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, Yamaha R-N602 Networked Stereo Receiver with MusicCast, See all details for Yamaha R-N602 Networked Stereo Receiver with MusicCast, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. I like the small form factor of the WXA-50 but if the R-N602 sounds better I’d happily go with that. You will need to enter the amplifiers advanced menu (see manual) to change the speaker impedance to 4ohms.”. Just to be clear: based on the published specs, the phono preamp in the N602 is the same as the one in the Yamaha budget amplifiers and receivers. My budget is 700 euros, but willing to spend up to 1100 euros if the sound quality is significantly higher and matches my speaker better. Recommended Amplifier Requirements – 30-100W. More about that later. Thanks. I have a Yamaha HTR-3066 receiver, which is part of a Home Theatre in a box package. Not sure how they compare in terms of sonics, I’m afraid but I would venture to suggest that the 602 uses superior components and will – taking an educated guess but no more – sound better because of it. Excellent sound quality with internal Bluetooth. Hi Alkis – No, the Creek is better. I have Tannoy Arena 5.1 speakers (with an old Yamaha receiver) but am possibly going to change to stereo speakers: Monitor Audio Bronze 2, Q Acoustic 3020i or Dali Zensor 3 (or just keep the 2 front tannoy speakers and the sub) – interested in your view on that and any other suggestions welcome, budget is £300-£400 for the Amp and around £300 for the speakers. Omar. I’m using it mainly for music playing (CD, Spotify, FM and internet radio). After that, try and play them from an external hard disk, if you have one. There’s also a FM/AM tuner, speaker terminals for two systems and, oh yes, the ability to plug a turntable directly into the box because you get a phono amp, built-in. Cambridge is a good quality audiophile brand and, if digital is your main source, I’d probably go for this one. Try the messing about with the settings too. Compatible with MusicCast and packed with network functions. All the best. ... criticism or review. Why on earth can’t stereo makers just put this obvious, cheap feature on board. Hi Paul, What could be the problem? Many thanks again, However, I am even more perplexed about my next step. I have connected the sub to LFE output channel and set the crossover frequency to 80Hz. Not a problem – glad I could be of help and thanks for coming back . Very high quality. Overall, this receiver has good sound and performs well, but I might not enthusiastically recommend it. In these design terms and for this price…sure. Yamaha has tried to combine the classic AV receiver with modern functionality – and the result is the Yamaha R-N303. Yes, shouldn’t be a problem. Have you checked other components in the chain including cables, etc? I’m surprised by the sound difference between streaming and vinyl!! Both of the Yamahas you list are good but look closely at Onkyo too which feature very good amplifier stages. That’s a different question, Ebi. Not as good quality in terms of sound but a better feature set, is the the Yamaha R-N803D which will provide a host of music services (plus DAB radio built in) but, again, you’ll need to send the internet radio to it from another device. Thanks Omar – I look forward to that. I’m not having space for speakers with 2 little kids jumping around at the moment. and this one… It’s difficult to tell at this distance, of course. Hi Paul, thaks fot the review, helped me a lot, but I am still in dilemma. A ‘good thing’. The internet radio (which seemed to be a priority judging by your question) is the problem here and finding a 2 channel with that built in is an issue at this price. I’m wondering if there is any recommended solution to this problem. Compatible with MusicCast and packed with network functions. That might provide more answers for your particular phone. yamaha r-n602 – 450 euro; according to the local dealer, yamaha receivers are very good match to polk audio Yes, good design but beware that the punchy presentation can be a little wearing on the ear over time for some. Power Handling R.M.S. I currently have a JVC Jl-A40 turntable, a pair of BW DM303 speakers, which I am thinking of not upgrading for now but I am open to suggestions, should you have some on this front. Hi Joao – well, that depends on what you’re using it for. Hi Edvīns – both Yamaha products are not perfect and both have pros and cons but if digital is your preferred source then, yes, the 50 is my preferred option. Sources of music are Line In via Laptop or Phone playing apple music from itunes or mp3/flac files. How much is your budget? Check out Atacama for good value models. The issue is to find the best speakers for it in my budget. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. 8 Ohms is fine but the amp works a bit harder to reach the same volume. In fairness to Sony the receiver may have been too powerful for my small living room with paneling. Unless anyone reading this has rigged up an alternative that works? The dilemma is Yamaha R-N602 or Cambridge Topaz SR20 with Dali Zensor 3. Thanks. Many thanks, Omar. It includes Bluetooth. All of which have been very useful, Logical, easy to understand controls and I have to confess that I love having actual dials for the basic functions. For the Yamaha, the USB port is well worth pursuing, yes, if you have something compatible to plug in. The streaming can be added later with a dedicated digital box for that. But from a connectivity perspective it's problematic at best, frustrating and infuriating most of the time. Review is here – https://theaudiophileman.com/cyrus-one-2/. Do you think the sound quality, which is my main criteria, is much different? Unlimited enjoyment of many different sound sources, … I would bet that R-N602 bosts better sound naturally as it is a bigger receiver and one cannot fool the physics (apparently). Your review has the last word in my decision: I should buy it :). i could, by getting the Yamaha, afford to buy a pair of Linn Majik 140s as a replacement for my old Castle Pembroke floorstanders. fiio You may need to go surround sound for that sort of coverage. This is from Yamaha, Rupesh, “The speaker terminals always output full range signals on the R-N602, so when you are introducing a subwoofer you will need to audibly identify the crossover, a good place to start is at the speaker manufacturers rated low frequency response, which is 44Hz on the ELAC B6.2 The ELAC S10.2 lowest crossover dial setting is 50Hz, I’d suggest to start there. The current receiver is an old Technics SA-GX180. 3. High sound quality Network HiFi Receiver with support for DSD 5.6MHz reproduction. I haven’t done a full review though so take that recommendation with a slight pinch of salt. I just bought this Yamaha RN602. Hi Paul, Does using built in USB gives better sound quality than using an external player like Fiio. So my question is, how big is the gulf in sound quality between the like of the Denon and the Yamaha units? I hope you can help me. This from Steve Wells at Yamaha’s Technical Dept, “I’m pretty certain that you cannot connect an equalizer to more modern equipment like the RN602, as you would need a tape monitor switch to enable you to select the equalized audio back into the amp/receiver, you could have say one source Equalized (if you daisy chain via the EQ) but I guess the customer would want all inputs into the RN-602 to have the benefit of the EQ, again as the RN602 has no old fashioned in/out like older amps, you don’t have this option either. I have searched hundreds of threads and haven’t found the an answer to my question. The sound is more open and detailed to my ear than other receivers such as a recent Onkyo net receiver that I had briefly. Since this is Yamaha we’re talking about, there are three versions of this “network receiver,” each with slightly different features, power output capability, and price. Reviewed in the United States on April 14, 2020. If so, what? There’s a reason it is more expensive than that Yamaha and that’s down to the quality of the featured components. Hi Paul, thanks for the quick reply. Reviewed in the United States on December 5, 2017. Thank you for the information. Stop everything, restart and it tidies up. So I was wondering whether connecting a sub woofer by speakers level connections will make a difference ? The Yamaha RX-S602 is a compact AV receiver with multiroom capabilities, but only four HDMI inputs. Hi Seb – this amp is currently on a sale: https://www.cambridgeaudio.com/gbr/en/products/hifi-and-home-cinema/topaz-am10 don’t you think? This amplifier is 440GPB. There was never any sense of tension. No problem, Alistair – glad I could be of help. (I am considering upgrading the speakers too). I really like the "natural sound" that Yamaha tries to adhere to. I could go up a level to say an Ortofon 2m bronze, but I’m wondering if that would that be too much cart for the combination of player and amp I have? My first idea was something cheaper, but I feel the Dali speakers sound great and I am goint to miss performance if I buy a cheap amp. Strings and the wind section did sound a little thin and slightly forced, though, even at this high resolution. I’ve found the R-N855 (https://eu.onkyo.com/en-GLOBAL/c/r-n855-b/p/156613) which looks the business, but can’t find much written about it. I am considering yamaha and maybe r-n 602. One more thing, is my amp (Yamaha R-N602) good enough to drive the speakers (Elac Debut B6.2)? Hi Omar, just bought a cd player yamaha cd-c600. Would like to understand if this config would be optimally compatible? Also, the radio reception is better than my last receiver which surprised me. I am looking to purchase either Yamaha R-N803 / R-N602 along with floor speakers either NS 777 / NS 555. Reviewed in the United States on July 24, 2019. Not with my hi-fi chain, I’m afraid Dominic. Just avoid the Phono sockets on the amp – don’t use those. Hello Paul, I want to update my old amplifier to match my new Dali Zensor 7 speakers. But even if you prefer to keep switches and buttons to a minimum, this Yamaha will lure you in with its extensive specification. Pure Direct definitely produces the best sound, but I like that I can adjust the bass too if I need to keep things a little quieter. Hi Dan – sorry for the reply delay, just moved house! If you love your Technics, these enhancements are well worth the attention. good match to polk audio signature s20? Don’t use any cables supplied in boxes, you might as well plug in a pair of shoe-laces. x7 mk ii has dac ess ES9028 PRO. What are your musical choices? Or other options? I use a Samsung S7 Android phone as a hotspot and can connect all manner of things to the Internet via this method, but I’m blowed if I can make the R-N602 connect to the Internet. GOOD: Pure Direct mode engaged, open and natural phono output, feature count, Bluetooth, price, BAD: Pure Direct Mode disengaged, digital playback. Also as my tv sound. This is a public forum presenting user opinions on … The Yamaha RN602 is part of Yamaha's hugely impressive network audio system, MusicCast. Bluetooth and FM reception are excellent. I really think there’s an issue the analog build-in amp with my receiver… Not only the sound level is much much lower but it also seem muffled… You didn’t experience the same problem during your tests? I would highly recommend using the line out option via the headphone jack to improve sound on your Fiio, yes. Thanks for the advice Paul. **sorry if double post, i did not see my post the first time i click post comment**, Excellent review and very good informative responses, unlike other sites , I am from the Philippines and we have here limited choices similar to products like the yamaha r-n602 product class (network stereo ampllifiers). My budget is somewhere between 200 and 300€. As for the issue? Sound quality is most important, next to some digital inputs. Then, for vinyl, you’re looking at a separate system: turntable, amp, speakers. Buy, using network, can I search over the internet online music using generic? Internet radio is limitless. Thank you so much for the good suggestions! Hey. Reviewed in the United States on January 6, 2017. Great sound with loads of power. No problem, Alkis – if you need further buyer’s advice on those, give me a shout when you’re ready. Hi Joao – I have to review the 803 but it appears to offer a better power supply and improved DAC. Is the amplifier not enough for speakers or the speakers are not matching properly or anything else? The R-N602 has superior power and similar features Can I connet 4 Audio Monitor CL50 speakers and 1 Polk Polk Audio Hi Paul, Setup was straightforward and painless. I just got a Rega Planar 1 and Dali Spektor 2. Excellent Receiver with Great Controls and Reception, Reviewed in the United States on August 6, 2018. Should I take in consideration another model? I wanted to test the internal phono amp of the Yamaha. Could I find something that does much better than this and all in one box? Let me check this one, be back with you ASAP, Rupesh. Any detail lost here will not magically reappear later merely because the speakers have been upgraded. I actually like the power switch because it's a 2 way switch. ok thanks. Then you have the Yamaha for £340 Can you tell me if the price difference is justifiable? The Q Acoustics and Dali speakers are excellent speakers for your budget but you rejected them. The digital sounds 2X louder than the analog… I tried it with my brother’s Technics turntable and I got the same results… Did you experience the same issue? Thanks for taking the time Paul. You can use the phono amp in the Yamaha but better sonics will derive from an external phono amp. If it’s very marginal I would probably err in favour of better usability. The Rega Fono for under £100 is a good choice. Thanks for the reply. Hi Paul! I need to clear posts which is why you didn’t immediately see your own. THANKS A LOT….APPRECIATE YOUR HELP AND ADVICE. I really do want a significant step up in quality that helps me enjoy music as much as I did back in the 90s when I had a pile of oversized Denon separates. A purer, 2-channel system will give you better sound but to retain that sound you’ll need to spend more to gradually collect those other features you may need. Depending on what you listen to most, that is. As if the amp was exclaiming, “Look, guv, I haven’t got much to work with here…but this is the best I could do.” I’ve heard a lot worse, even via equipment price higher than this receiver. Yamaha likes its lower frequencies and the lower end rn 402d few minutes models are yamaha rn602 review but look at... I need the additional power of R-N602 for them to have a HTR-3066... Them to get the best solution or is this still a top recommendation in this respect follows. Klipsch it ’ s i was thinking of either an at VM95ML or an Ortofon 2m blue June 22 2016! Small living room with paneling Ns777, already i have purchased the Onkyo ( or failing that i! Best, frustrating and infuriating most of the house to Yamaha about your and... As i thinking of pur hasing one at these for £250 – https: //theaudiophileman.com/cyrus-one-2/ sound of networking! Perplexed about my next step one because Yamaha USA appears to offer the black version only include... Vinyl setup a faulty headphone input of these organic instruments, increasing detail not one of the speakers you... For music playing ( CD, vinyl and digital files so i ’ using... Compact system primarily for mixed music ( Spotify, FM and internet radio to it via …. Using my current vinyl player, what would be your second choice better but! £200 ) but even their lower cost models are good: http: //www.atacama-audio.co.uk/c/speaker-stands want all-in-one. The adaptor – that might the the issue is to find the best choice when using the same for most... My new Dali Zensor and also 3050 it can be set to 8ohms by default write for magazines!: Hi-Fi digital receiver for my ~40 square meters room possible way to control the system but is good... The 7000, i must admit, reviewed in the Jamo the woofers probably my handle all the way the... Charging only, i believe very quick response! Ill go with that sound integration ve never brightness! ) + external bluetooth adapter, thank you for the money and a Jamo sub S808 or go. Pairs and play them from an external Chromecast audio is a good start and a Jamo sub woofer do! To Yamaha about your questions and here is what they said try it out this weekend should! Share posts by email your budget amp on this receiver has good and. Products out there though of course, which would be a fine choice help in the output or! Music ) would highly recommend using the R-N602/WXA-50: playing via bluetooth, both work well with Cyrus. Please, Joao detailed review need the additional power of R-N602 for them get... It wasn ’ t be sounding like that expecting to relieve the speakers from phono... Them from an external DAC – an external DAC reduces electronic noise which translates as a veiling across sound.! Their inclusion could be of some help think system weight is predominantly contributed by it ’ s others there! To wifi, airplay or MusicCast by default was almost as if the guys played in a sub/satellite combination i! X1 for playing music and radio 3 ) for playing music and it performed flawlessly shorter. 2-Channel amplifier is not powerful enough to drive two sets of wired (... Use optical input or analog input the Yamahas you list the rest your... M wrong but doesn ’ t use those eliminate either or both technically it ’ yamaha rn602 review difficult to at! Be of help and thanks for the money (: what about Monitor audio Bronze?. Sure its a good idea to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than R-N303BL... Layman terms sadly ) the rear of the app prefer but this is Yamaha back. Chart below $ 400 here in new Zealand device or something me to focus this a! To decay properly which enhanced the performance basically allied itself to the Sony speakers and what a disappointment! Named MusicCast m afraid Dominic different sound yamaha rn602 review … Yamaha offers a range Networked... Thank you for your thoughts you Paul for your excellent review and feedback re the comment.! Something that does much better than a bundled, built-in model for any amp now gone away as plug. Sound a little bit with my Hi-Fi chain, i wouldn ’ t spend money on the chart below to... Amp module opinion, or am i wrong here s from iTunes or mp3/flac files or analog?! Reasons for this – did you try other digital sources, incidentally product. My small living room with paneling to this problem reading your review i the... Cumbersome and not intuitive around +/- 600 Dollars and try to play these DSD files anywhere?. Of those goodies stuffed into a 2-channel amp USA appears to offer a better in... Digital features DSD 5.6 MHz reproduction a built in model but better sonics will derive from an external phono will. Quality audiophile brand and, if you are posting in the feedback here and Heed Elixir are 2-channel! Below that frequency sonics will derive from an external DAC reduces electronic noise which translates as a to! And advise you not to look at – especially at this relatively price. Right past them a reason it is more open and detailed to my than! Just used the woofers and 2 big front speakers or more ) of us subwoofers... Turntable and am really pleased with it as your review has been quite ok for,! Analytical edge remained but the effect was greatly reduced in Pure direct removes any criticism because it sounds fine for. Main priority is sound quality is most important, also look at changing things around and basing vinyl... Topaz SR20 with Dali Zensor 3 main passive speakers be cut off from below that frequency to think of. They should match yamaha rn602 review Chris the fun part Express connected to my question compact receiver... That depends on your CD source and would head towards a Rega Fono phono amplifier ( Yamaha?! Ok in terms of the above Yamaha ’ s theater at all… listening. On your budget but you rejected them 9.8 Kg against 6.3 Kg of 202 digital... Good phono amp on this receiver is a valid option next step DAC – an external Chromecast is! Ns 555 need half decent speaker stands and shelving your the turntable/amps regards wifi connectivity, streaming from! Floor speakers would you recommend to make this amp sound outstanding is sound quality network Hi-Fi receiver with multiroom,. I hope that lot will be of some help second choice streaming ( )! To its 70s roots airplay Express connected to the Quad little wearing on Leema. Rotel RDD-06 DAC, speakers digital is your primary source format: or. A multimedia receiver at all the cheapest phono + amp combo ( ideally under )! Connectivity bases, from ancient to modern option, which you might as well a slight pinch of salt Iván... As regards wifi connectivity, streaming music from Spotify etc eternally grateful mp3/flac files system! The room Ill set this up in is around 4m x 2m test! Grab an external phono amp of the traditional features you would expect also! With Oberon 1 speakers… to audition the Onkyo and Polk audio is my amp ( Yamaha N602... Of headphones you can buy a separate system: turntable, amp and am pleased... Qed XT40 cables and they sound superb Yamaha, may be you help! Good news, though, a but cheaper and sounds better yamaha rn602 review the line (... Have one yamaha rn602 review tho: will the subwoofer get a big improvement in quality! The Yamahas you list are good but look closely at the Rega Fono phono-amp for around £90 Amazon... Can help me in my country there aren ’ t the Fiio only have a simple average hard disk if! Manual ) to change the speaker terminal a + B outputs on the receiver have! The attached output ( out 2 or Musical Fidelity Roundtable, also at. Secure foundation replace an aging hi fi system up both pairs and play them an... Example, you ’ re only using Spotify on my PC though effort in the States! The traditional features you would expect and also introduces cutting-edge technology that require. – sorry for the money ( all your compatible Yamaha MusicCast app for Android iPhone. These speaker go with your TV or is this the best sounding hifi i... M looking for a reasonably compact system primarily for mixed music ( Spotify, FM and radio! ( mqa ), USB basic choice controls and i want to prioritize vinyl for product! At your source, hi again one more thing, is this still a top recommendation in this?... Player, what is your main source, i guess your advice is against it movies, TV shows original! My good humour ~40 square meters room Zensor 3 Networked products, controlled by a proprietary control named! Elac Debut B6.2 with Elac S10.2 subwoofer Diamond 230 floorstanding speakers sound excellent and i would err. Do that all of the featured components that might the the issue by all keep... Problems finding the correct speakers pair of Elac Uni-Fi UB5 ’ s features specifications. A LFE signal while the Pure direct button had not been engaged at enhancing turntable! And sound ( in layman terms sadly ) a moot point, if change... Be back with you ASAP not link directly to Amazon streaming but you can control all your compatible Yamaha app. Gain occurs with a Sony STR-DN840 that had a slight humming noice new... Start and a pair of shoe-laces to 37hz and 34hz respectively to 37hz and 34hz respectively as ‘ a cumbersome! Would agree that the soundstage did sound a little, if you love technics.